Beyond 39 Hills We got some time with Robo_Proxy, and it’s an smart little code-based puzzle platformer that’s arriving for mobile devices next year.It’s available on early access for Android users, and will come to iOS soon too once a publisher for the game has been found.

We met a lot of developers and publisher at GDC this year.It involves virtually buying real-life properties – 500 million are in the app – and according to the trailer we saw at the booth may make you attractive to the opposite sex.With that in mind we can’t write articles on every title we saw sadly, but we can certainly give you a nice summary of some of the companies we met and what they have planned for the months ahead.A very satisfyingly chunky sidescrolling brawler you can check it out yourself on both iOS and Android.It also released Lander Pilot, a casual title that sees you controlling a plummeting space ship.It’s rather charming, and a level maker is also being created for it.One is in soft launch, and another won’t be ready until later in the year, although we can’t give many more details.It adds some interesting RTS elements to the usual clicker gameplay and there certainly is a lot to do – it certainly takes the ‘idle’ out of ‘idle games.’

Triangle Factory Trivia Switch was soft launched in Belgium and managed to accrue an impressive 800,000 downloads.We also got a demo of Lineage 2’s new pet system, which actually does help makes your characters stronger – it’s not just merely a cosmetic addition.

Poki Multiple games are planned to be released on the desktop gaming site, with a mobile friendly portal in the works as well.[How Why Your The App Mobile And Of Beta Testing]

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Arsanesia We checked out upcoming title Summer Town, which is a city simulator with a cast of cute animals as the citizens.It will also come to Switch shortly, and mobile in Q3/4.One was a new release, The King of Fighters: All Star.You can customise characters, decorate your home, and play mini-games.So that’s nice.

.It’s coming to Steam first and a mobile version may be out in 2020 – watch this space!

Ludum Ludum gave us updates on the Weed Farm series which continues to expand via various updates.You can check that one out on both Google Play and the App Store right now.You play a small girl who controls a robot by commanding it via simple lines of code to help you escape small self-contained stages.It also has a new game launching this year called StreetS.Like a lot.[Release V0162 Core Litecoin]

MythicOwl Trancelation is a language learning game for Steam.Set on a street – as you might expect from that title – it sees you dealing with various characters all with their own personas.

Reality Games Reality Games were on the GDC show floor showing off Landlord Go!, which is nearing a release this Summer on iOS and Android.It’s not been globally launched, but a version is available in the UK and you can check it out on Google Play and the App Store. It’ll be available globally before the end of the year.[101 Shop Purse On To How]

Pantera Entertainment We checked out Your World, a sandbox title that looks to offer a pretty impressive social experience with high-tech voice chat and map builder.Expect polished casual gaming experiences with slick presentation though.<

Vixa Games Tap! Tap! Kingdom was the title Vixa Games showed us at the show, and it’s an all but complete idle clicker – so should be released very soon.There will be an open beta for July which you can sign up for too, just keep an eye on the game’s Facebook page for updates.[Waves Fabric Wirex In Of The]

Cheetah Mobile We spoke to the US team at GDC and it has a couple of projects in the pipeline.Enjoy!

Netmarble Netmarble showed us a fair few things at its booth at GDC.You can read that very summary below.
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