.This is a special add-on that allows you to work with decentralized applications.

Metamask is not just a wallet for the ether tokens.But at the time of writing this post, 99% of decentralized applications are services that use Ether and Metamask smart contracts as a bridge through which the user interacts with the smart contract.[Management PaperContract Eliminating]

ETH node

To make everything clear, let’s take an example of the decentralized exchange Etherdelta, which we recently reviewed.All exchanges between users occur automatically, without the intervention of a third party.Metamask can be used as a user’s personal account: if you go to the site of the exchange and log into Metamask, you can make all transactions directly from your wallet:

Etherdelta Metamask dApp

This is pretty much how Metamask will work with an ordinary decentralized application.

It seems that it is difficult, but before the user had to run full ether node on his/her computer (today it takes about 700 gigabytes and requires settings) to interact with the decentralized application.Etherdelta is a decentralized application that runs on a smart ether contract.Just in case, let’s give a list of all decentralized applications with which Metamask works: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/tagged/metamask

Сообщение What decentralized application is and how Metamask works with it появились сначала на FinTab Crypto Portfolio.[Protection Ultimate Accounts Your For Passphrasethe]

What is decentralized application? (dApp)

DApp differs from the ordinary application by the way using smart contracts of Ether.

Technically, dApp can use another blockchain (not ether) and not to use smart contracts at all, it’s a very broad concept.[Solutions Contracts Bitcoin Alternative Open Ended For]
Source: https://fintab.io/blog/what-decentralized-application-is-and-how-metamask-works-with-it/

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