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Final Summation

Comparing the emerging and prevalent approaches in full stack development, MEAN has evolved as an ideal solution for all JavaScript lovers as it is a powerful stack with diverse capabilities.It is open-source and free.It eases tasks of developers by offering an organized and quick method to build quick prototypes (MEAN based web apps).

Organizations hire full stack developers so that they can work across all the layers of the application.MEAN stack development allows developers to code in JavaScript. Use of Node.js which is better known as JavaScript runtime environment and is better than the traditional web server.Organizations mold and evolve Technology stacks according to their requirements.[Market PDF Token Of The With State] .The database layer is also completely replaced with JSON (native data language of JavaScript) while storage is achieved via MongoDB.[Have Another Exchange To Japan]

E -> Express.JS (as web framework on top of Node.js) – This framework is used to build single page and multi-page web applications in Node.

Key Attributes of MEAN Stack Development

JavaScript has been the cornerstone and basis of convergence of most of the technologies.[What ICOs Are]

What does it “MEAN”?

MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript frameworks that are user-friendly and ideal for developing dynamic web applications and websites.These can be customized according to user’s needs. Huge module library of node.js and the use of JSON to transfer data is a huge advantage. Many big companies like Walmart, Yahoo, Paypal, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Uber have moved on towards Node.JS.  A Typical MEAN Stack Consists Of:

    MEAN Stack- UI: Angular, Material, Atom, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JS, JSON Front-End: Yeoman Platform, Middle Ware & Server Side: Express, vueJs, CommonJS, NodeJS, RESTAPI, PHP Database: Mongo DB, MySql Environment Framework and Testing Framework: Chai, Protractor, Mocha, Jasmine Build Tool: Gulp, Grunt Text Editor: Visual Studio, SubLime, Komodo

[Technologies vary according to specific requirements]

Advantages of Mean Stack Development
    The biggest advantage of MEAN stack development is that JavaScript is used to run at every level of the app. It is easily adaptable, quick, and simple and has an easy learning curve. Web development companies are hiring full stack developers familiar with MEAN Stack and other JavaScript framework based technologies. MEAN Stack development is helpful in a case full stack developers are required to include cloud services or DevOps tools like AWS, Dockers, Jenkins, mostly AWS etc.
Architecture: LAMP vs.React.js, Emberjs, and backbone.js are competing technologies.

full stack development

(Common technologies used in full stack development)

A Full Stack Developer can make use of two main approaches: MEAN Stack Development and LAMP Stack development.As for the front-end JavaScript technologies, AngularJS is preferred for MEAN Stack development.Check the figure below to find out how it works:

MEAN Stack Development

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MEAN Stack Development Explained

Client makes a request -> This request enters phase 1 where it is processed by the AngularJS (client-side language in javascript) -> This request enters phase 2 (Node.js (server-side language in JavaScript)) -> The request enters phase 3 where it is processed by Express.js which makes a request to database -> MongoDB retrieves the data and returns the response to the Express.js -> Express.js returns the response to the Node.JS and then the Node.js returns it to angularJS to display the result.[Review Exchange Delta]

MEAN vs.LAMP Stack Development

LAMP stack development closely resembles MEAN Stack development and is as well open-source and quick way adopted by most full stack developers.MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack is open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web applications.It has been around since many years and has helped developers construct effective solutions to develop enterprise level web apps with enhanced customizations, cost-efficiency and flexibility.

MEAN stack development has already been adopted by many large firms like LinkedIn, Microsoft and SAP etc.It is as well an originating point.Here is a checklist why developers must consider it for their upcoming projects:

    It handles both client-side and server-side operations, thus reducing lines of code, making the program neat and easily manageable.These are set of technologies that use one common language – JavaScript and are thus used by full stack developers in their process.[Mobile Addictive For Games Developing Rules]

    N -> Node.JS (a backend framework – used as a server-platform) – This server-side JavaScript environment helps in building highly scalable and concurrent applications.

    A -> AngularJS (front-end framework) – It is one of the JavaScript frameworks that provides two-way data-binding.As MongoDB is the preferred database for MEAN development, others that perform similarly are Cassandra, Neo4j, and Couchbase.It is simple to be used for both front-end and back-end technologies.Compared to SQL, it is easy to add, delete or modify rows, instead of updating the entire table. js is easy to develop single page applications with Angularjs.It is one of the best alternatives to front-end development.[Perfectly Small But Formed]

    For exploring more into how various elements work together, get in touch with our experts and get an appropriate response.

    M -> MongoDB (No SQL database) – It is a schema-less database system that saves data in binary JSON format and passes data between client and server easily.[To App Sign Up Zebpay Easy Update Bonus VersionWelcome New]

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    LAMP Stack Architecture

    LAMP Stack architecture works well as a bundle of programs that provides a rich platform to develop and implement web-based applications and servers.He is not exactly an expert in every stack (MEAN, LAMP, MERN etc.) but has a working knowledge to handle tasks quickly.It is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js.Although it does not specify what technologies one must use, but the accountable person must know (1) HTML/CSS, (2) JavaScript, (3) Databases & Web Storage, (4) Back-End Language, (5) Web Application Architecture, (6) Basic Algorithms & Data Structures, (7) Git, (8) HTTP & REST

    It is virtually not possible to create a complete full-fledged software product without combining various technology stacks, tools, libraries, and programming languages.Besides Express.JS and Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Django and Laravel are three other web development frameworks that are competing.If Node.js is combined, it provides a comprehensive server-side solution to ensure effective application. MEAN Stack development supports MVC (Model View Controller) architecture The stack gets updated regularly as the MEAN components are open source, easy and flexible to be adopted.It can work with almost every operating system. MongoDB makes handling loads of data easy.[Spanish For Bank Bond Technology Blockchain BBVA Issuance To Use Green]

    While in MEAN the stack is created by combining MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js.
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